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Pharmacy Practice is an Australian national pharmacy organization and our aim is to promote and represent the value of the role of pharmacy within the health care system in Australia.

The main goal of the Pharmacy Practice is to preserve or promote the business interests of pharmacy and to foster personal and professional growth opportunities throughout the industry. Our organization disseminate information about the latest news and innovations in the pharmacy and connection platform for pharmacists. We provide too for the pharmacist to have any resource on finger tips. All the access to their electronic resources in one website.

The Importance of Pharmacy Practice:

  • Advocate for the crucial role, which pharmacist play within the pharmaceutical industry
  • Commit a portion of membership dues in order to support a scholarship program for all pharmacy students who are interested in a career in the industry
  • Concentrate on career advancement and professional development for pharmacists in the industry
  • Served as the committee home across the pharmacy profession for pharmacists
  • Connect hundreds and thousands of pharmacists

All members of our company are guaranteed to receive helpful information on how to ensure industry pharmacy sustainability, innovative business solutions, and support other members, as well as effective communication to establish a discussion with our members.

We provide a number of attractive member services and benefits including industry-focused continuing education, professional development, biopharma, and pharma news, is members-only community page, resources, forum and RSS feeds, as well as a job board, that are made for the pharmacists of all the specialty.


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To contact the Pharmacy Practice, email pharmacypractice16@gmail.com during business hours or use the contact from below address


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For media and interview requests ONLY.Please contact: pharmacypractice16@gmail.com